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Being prepared for the update to eBay’s Links policy

From October 1st 2011, eBay are updating their links policy and any listing containing links to email or web site addresses (clickable and non-clickable) will be blocked when submitted to eBay.

Any relisted or new listings after the 1st October 2011 that contain email or website links will fail to submit. Existing live or Good 'Til Cancel listings do not need to be removed or amended immediately, but will need to comply with eBay's updated policy by early 2012.

Below is a list of common questions regarding eBay's policy update which will help you understand if your listings will comply with this policy change. For full details of the policy change see this eBay article.

Frequently Asked Questions
"I have an email address in my listing for buyers to contact me about the item."
Links to email address (clickable or non-clickable) are not allowed within your listings, any listings submitted to eBay after the 1st October will fail to list, you should remove the email address before this date for you new and relisted items.

"I have my website URL within a graphic in my listings, but it isn't clickable".
All links whether clickable or not, are not permitted within your listings. Before the 1st October you should remove this link for all newly and relisted items.

"Do I need to change all my live listings before the 1st October?"
No, only new or relisted items after the 1st October need to comply with the updated eBay links policy. It is not necessary to remove or update your live listings before this date, however existing listings will need to comply with the policy by early 2012.

"If I use an external image hosting provider, such as Photo Bucket, will I need to remove these links?"
No, links to externally hosted images are not affected by the updated links policy.

"I link to my other eBay listings within each of my listings, do these need to be removed?"
No, any links to eBay listings, eBay pages, or eBay stores are fine and do not need to be removed.

"I have a link to my website which I use to give extra information about me as a seller, can I continue to use this?"
Use your eBay about me page to hold this information, any link to an eBay page is not affected by the policy update.

"Is there any exception to having an email address within my listings?"
Yes, any listings within the categories "Business & Industrial", "Motors > Vehicles", & "Real Estate" can still contain a link to an email address.

"I have a link to a shipping calculator within each of my listings, does this need to be removed?"
No, as the link assists the buyer with further information about the item, is relevant to the item, and does not transact the item (you can not purchase or make payment), then a link to a shipping calculator is fine.

"How are potential buyers suppose to contact me with questions about my listings if I can't place an email address within the listing?"
Encourage buyers and potential buyers to contact you via the eBay messaging system.

"I have thousands of listings, how does eBay expect me to change all these listings before the 1st October?"
Only new and relisted items need to comply with the update to the links policy by October 1st. You do not need to remove or amend your live or Good 'Til Cancel listings by this date. However, all you listings should comply with the updated policy by early 2012.

"If i revise a live listing after the October 1st, will it need to comply with the links policy?"
Yes, revised listings will be block after this date if they contain a link.

"Can I link to a FAQ or Terms and conditions off of eBay?"
Yes, providing the page is non-transactional (i.e. you can not purchase the item from this off eBay page). But try using your eBay about me page to hold this information.

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