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Can I be notified of an eBay token expiration?

The eBay token is the link between your Frooition account and your eBay account, the link is necessary so that dynamic content in your listing design can be delivered to your live eBay listings, without an active token some elements of your design may not display fully, as well as features of the Frooition software like listing can not be accessed.

After eighteen months a token will expire and will need to be renewed within your account, your token may also be invalidated for other reasons like eBay detecting a security problem on your account. When a token does expire you will be informed of this within the Frooition software the next time you log in. You can also be notified by email of a token expiration.

To setup token notifications, go to Account > Profile within the Frooition software, then select the 'Email Addresses & Text Numbers' tab. You main email address that is set will receive all notifications such as subscriptions reminders and token renewals, but you can also set additional users to have these notifications.

Under the additional contact details you can set another four users to receive notifications, if your wish for these users to receive token renewal notifications ensure that the 'Platform' check box is selected as shown below.

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