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Can I sell similar using Frooition

You can re-use profiles set up in your Frooition account to sell similar items. (The profiles you use to list items are not directly linked to the live listings on eBay)

First you need to make a copy of the profile in your Frooition account of the item you want to sell similar
To do this, tick the box next to the Profile, enter a unique profile name and click the blue Copy button at the bottom of the list.
You can then make any necessary amendments - title, price, description, images etc., to the new profile and then launch the item as normal at stage 7.
NB you must press continue on any page where you make an amendment or the changes will not be saved.

If you do not yet have a profile set up in Frooition for an item, you can import product information from live listing(s) to create profile(s) within Frooition.

Go to the eBay tab in Frooition
Expand the 'Active eBay Items' tab by clicking on it.
This section will display your current live eBay listings (you can use the search facility to locate specific items if required).
Select the item(s) to import
Click the Actions button and select 'Import into Frooition' to bring up an import dialogue box. Simply following the steps on the dialogue box to import the selected items.
Please note that you can also use this process to import unsold and recently sold items)

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