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Creating a storefront promotion box

You can easily create promotion boxes to appear on your storefront from within your Frooition account.

Storefront promotion boxes are managed from the eBay Tab -> Storefront-> eBay Promotion Boxes.

Click Create New

Select the type of promotion box you want to create from the drop down menu

For FrooFlow and Flash Promo boxes, you can nowchange the parameters that you want - number of items to display, Title of the box etc.

Click Preview Box to see how your items will display.
Once you are happy click Save eBay Box.

For Custom HTML boxes you can either use the WYSIWYG editor to create your content or enter the HTML code directly into the source tab

Click Preview Box to see how your items will display.
Once you are happy click Save eBay Box.

You can also specify the location of the promo box on your storefront.

Click Save Positions & Update Storefront to apply your changes.
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