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eBay Product Catalogue

The Frooition software now allows you to list items using eBay's Product Catalogue.

This allows you to get stock images and stock descriptions for products in certain categories based on a ISBN, EAN or title search. This greatly improves product accuracy and listing time.

Once you select a compatible category you will be taken to "Stage 5: Item Specifics" where you can search for your item in the eBay catalogue.

To use the catalogue click "Search for a product".

You will be able to search for the item you are listing.

If your product is listed in the books or media categories you will be able to search for an ISBN or EAN number, which you can find below the barcode on most items.

If you are selling a catalogue compatible item that does not have an EAN you can type you product title, model number or brand keywords and click "Search":

Note the more generic the search terms the longer the search will take to complete.

The software will then bring back a list of results:

If you click "View Details" you will be given the full description and features of the product:

Once you have selected the correct item result click "Select Product"

This will then fill the product information section on the item specifics page:

Next you need to decide where/if to display the item details:

If you choose:

"Do not include product details"
This will not display the product details but you will still benefit from the additional search functionality
"Place product details above my description"
This will display the product details within your Frooition design below the image gallery, above your description.
"Append product details below my description"
This will display the product details within your Frooition design below your description, above the tabs area.
"Replace my description with the product details"
This will replace your description within the frooition design with the product details.

You can then fill in your item condition and item specifics and continue to list as normal.

If you use a different listing tool you can go back to stage 3 and get the code with the product details included.

Also see the Product Catalogue Video Tutorial
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