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Get prepared for the new eBay picture policy

EBay are announcing the enforcement of the new picture policy that was detailed in Seller Release 12.1.
The picture policy creates a better browsing experience for buyers and creates a more level playing field for sellers. The new picture policy also ensures that customers see what they are buying rather than a polished stock photograph that is not representative of a used item.
Key Highlights:
  •     Standards will be actively enforced from July 1st 2013
  •     After July 1st new listings breaching the policy will fail to list
  •     After July 1st existing live listings breaching the policy will stay live but cannot be relisted or revised without changing the pictures
  The Frooition software supports error messages for failed gallery images in listings
  Frooition will be launching a new software feature that provides listing recommendations that will recommend features before listing to eBay and failing.
The standards are:
  •     All listing must have at least 1 picture
  •     Pictures must be 500px on the longest side
  •     (eBay recommends an optimum image size with 1600px on the longest side)
  •     Borders around images will not be allowed
  •     Text added to pictures will not be allowed
  •     Images or icons (such as country flags) added to pictures will not be allowed
  •     Used items cannot use a stock photograph
  •     Watermarks are permitted as long as they adhere to the watermark policy

Watermark policy:
Watermarks must:
  •     be outside of the main image area
  •     be less than 5% of the total image size
  •     not obscure the image
  •     have an opacity of less than 50%
  •     not contain links
  •     not contain images, icons or logos 

Examples of valid and invalid product pictures:


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