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Getting started with Frooition - Listing your first item

The Frooition software allows you to list directly to eBay with a Frooition design similar to the way you would do it on eBay > Sell Your Item.
Each item has a profile with stages 1- 7. You can jump to a stage by clicking the corresponding number. Profiles are automatically saved so you can easily relist items or use items as a template for new profiles.

Stage 1: Creating a new profile
Click eBay Tab
Click the Listing Sub Tab
Click the Create New button
Select Direct Listing to eBay from the listing method options
Choose your eBay Site from the eBay Site drop-down
Give your profile a name (this can be different to your item title)
Click Start button

Stage 2: Describe your Item
Click the Add a Picture button
Click the Upload Button
Click Browse
Select an image off your computer
Click Open
Click Upload Image
Select any images you wish to use by checking the checkbox underneath each image.
Click Use Pics
TIP: you can also use images that are externally hosted by clicking Add images from your own hosting.
Type your Title
Type / Paste your Description
TIP: you can alter the look of your description using the inbuilt Editor.
Select your image gallery display type
 Click Continue

Stage 3: Preview your Listing

Here you can see what your listing will look like
Note: If you wish to use the code with a 3rd party listing tool click Get Code to get a copy of the HTML.
Click Continue

Stage 4: Select your category

Browse the category tree to select the correct eBay Category for your item.
Select your eBay Store categories
Click Continue

Stage 5: Item Specifics

Optional:  Choose to if you want to use item variations (see http://faq.frooition.com/article/multi-variation-listings-3.html)
Click Go
Set your Item Condition
Select the correct item specifics for your product
Tip: any specifics with an asterisk * are required fields and must be filled in before you can continue
If you wish to add your own item specifics click Add your own item specific
Give your item specific a name and value (e.g. Year and 1999)
Click Continue

Stage 6: Pricing & Shipping

Give your item a SKU
Select Auction or Fixed Price
State the Starting / Buy it now price
Set Quantity
Set your Duration
Set TAX /VAT rate (if applicable)
Set your shipping services and costs
Set your Dispatch Time
Specify any International Shipping
State any region/country exclusions
Check your Payment Types Accepted
State your Returns Policy
State any Additional Checkout Instructions
Click Continue

Stage 7: Review & Launch
Select to use a Gallery Picture (if required)
Select which image to use as your gallery image
Select any additional listing enhancements
Select when to post your item
Click Launch
Your item will go live  - if there are any issues you will get a status update telling you what to change.

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