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Guide to using your Frooition design with eBay File Exchange

File Exchange does not have the facility to add 3rd party design html (your Frooition template) so you will need to manually combine your Frooition template code with your item descriptions to add to File exchange.

One way you can achieve this is detailed below:

You will first need to import all of your products into Frooition: Frooition Bulk Import/export Instructions

Once this is done you will then need to use the Frooition Export facility (also detailed on the documentation) ensuring that you select Export with Frooition Template for the Template option
Tab and Single quotes for the File Options

NB The Frooition export facility removes all line breaks and carriage returns so this will be catered for with no further action to be taken.

The resulting file should then provide you with an item description that also contains the template design code to be used in File Exchange.

Further information
You can download a copy of the import template here: http://faq.frooition.com/file.php?id=9

You may also find the following knowledgebase article useful: http://faq.frooition.com/article/what-listing-information-can-i-import-185.html
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