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How can I list directly from eBay using my Frooition Template

As eBay does not have a facility to insert 3rd party template code, your item description and listing template need to be combined, prior to adding the code to eBay during the listing process.

The easiest way to do this and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you.

This code can then be added to the HTML tab for the item description when creating your listing on eBay

Listing profile exists within Frooition

You will first need to edit the profile for the item within your Frooition software as follows:

Log into Frooition

Click the eBay Tab
Click the Listing Sub Tab
Locate the profile for the item you want to amend (you can search by item title, item number etc.)

At Stage 2 remove/add the images you require or update the item description.
Click Continue to move to Stage 3
At Stage 3 you will see a preview of your listing.
If you are happy with how it looks - click Get Code
Copy the code displayed.
Go to eBay
Add the code to the HTML tab of the Describe your Item section

Listing profile does not exist within Frooition

Create a new profile
Click eBay Tab
Click the Listing Sub Tab
Click the Create New button
Select Direct Listing to eBay from the listing method options
Choose your eBay Site from the eBay Site drop-down
Give your profile a name (this can be different to your item title)
Click Start button

Stage 2: Describe your Item
Add the item description and images you require
Click Continue

Stage 3: Preview your Listing

If you are happy with how your listing preview looks - click Get Code
Copy the code displayed.
Add the code to the HTML tab of the Describe your Item section

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