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How do I add additional boxes and information to my listing template?

Within the Frooition software we have built in 4 fully customizable custom areas.
You can easily select which of these sections actually display within your listings, and have complete control over what displays within them, whether it plain text, images, animation or information, it is completely up to you.

To access the custom box area, go to the 'Settings' page within the 'eBay' section of tyour Frooition software account.
Once on the settings page, if you scroll down about half way, there is a section titled 'Custom HTML Boxes'.

There is a choice as to where the custom boxes can be located (left column, right column, at the top of the listing, at the bottom of the listing), and you can select which you prefer to use by simply ticking the relevant box.

Once you have chosen which box you wish to use, enter the content into the HTML area as required, and when you are happy with everything, simply click the 'Save My Settings' button at the bottom of the page.

If you now preview a listing within the members.frooition software you will see that the new custom box is present within the design.
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