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How do I control which products appear within the cross promotional items section of my listing template?

The More Items promotion box displays items based upon the cross promotion criteria set up within your Frooition account.

When 5 or more items are found in the matching category, these will be shown in the More Items section of the template. However, if less than 5 items are found in the matching category, items will be picked from other categories to fill the More Items section.

  • To change these settings go to eBay tab > Cross Promotions

  • The default setting is to promote items from the same eBay category

  • Click

  • You can choose to promote items from either eBay categories or Store categories.
Select which option you wish to use

  • For Store categories, select the required categories from the dropdown

  • Then click

  • For eBay categories, you can either select the category by clicking through or if you know the category number, you can enter this into the box

  • When your selection is complete click

  • If you wish to delete a rule, select the rule by ticking the check box next to it

  • Then click

  • You will be prompted to confirm the deletion

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