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How do I enter my own Custom Item Specifics?

For various categories eBay support what is known as "Custom Item Specifics".  A large category that supports this feature is "Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories".

In this example we shall use the category "(63864) Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Women's Clothing > Skirts".   After selecting this category the next step is where you can enter the Item Specifics for the item that you are selling.

As can be seen the software will automatically display the most popular Item Specifics as recommended by eBay and any required specifics will be marked with an * asterisk. For each specific you can enter your own value or by clicking on the down arrow button, choose one from the provided options.

You can ignore any specifics that don't apply to your item or click the  icon to remove them.  If you don't see a specific you need in the list then click "Add you own item specific".

This will add your Custom Item Specific to the existing list.

Clicking the "Continue" button will then save the Item Specifics for the item.
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