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How to use the free eBay Category Feature Finder

You can also view a video tutorial for this tool.

Visit the eBay Category Feature Finder Page.

Select your eBay Listing site from the drop down:

If you know the category you are researching you can type it in and press Go:

Or you can browse the category tree, click each category to descend into the sub categories:

Once you have chosen your category you will be given the results, including:
  • Name
  • eBay Category Id
  • If item Category is mandatory
  • The values for item condition
  • If the category supports Multi-variations
  • If you can use custom item specifics
  • If the category supports product catalogue
  • If you can make listings in this category appear in international sites
  • Weather the item is suitable for an eBay Parts Compatibility table.

Alternatively you can also filters your results to only display categories that support certain features, for example you can see a list of all categories that support product catalogue.

Simply select the feature from the drop down list:


You will then receive the categories that support these features.

You can then use this information to help streamline your listing process and set the correct options before you list to eBay.

You can also view a video tutorial for this tool.

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