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I get an error of non-compliant image in my listing when trying to apply design.

When you apply design to your live eBay listings you are actually making an amendment to your live listings, and with any amendment eBay will check the current content of your listings and the content you are applying to ensure that it meets eBay's current listing policies.

In February of 2012, eBay annouced it's picture requirement policy in which it asks sellers to have a minimum standard for the pictures used within their listings.

Starting July 1st 2013, eBay will start enforing these picture quality requirements on all new, revised, and relisted items:
  • All photos must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side of the picture.
  • Photos cannot have borders.
  • Photos cannot have seller-added text or seller-added artwork.
  • You must have a least one photo per listing.
As adding any additional content to your listings is a revision, that revision will fail if the above picture standards are not met.

To make you listing compliant with eBay standards you will need to update your listing with pictures meeting the eBay's Picture Quality Requirements.
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