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Import Parts Compatibility for eBay Boats

By using the 'Bulk Import' feature you can quickly create compatibility lists for new or existing profiles, cutting down the time it takes in listing to eBay. Importing of multiple compatibilities is done through two special 'relationship' fields in your import file. An example import is shown below.

  profile_name relationship relationship_details title primary_ebay_category
1 Exhaust Manifold     Ultimate Exhaust Manifold 31285
2   compatibility Year=2004|Make=Mercruiser|EngineType=Inboard    
3 3 Blade Aluminum Propeller        
4   compatibility Year=2000-2004|Make=Mercruiser|EngineType=Inboard    
5   compatibility Year=2011|Make=Mercury|EngineType=Outboard|Engine=250 hp|Model=1302V23ED|Component=Propellers & Accessories    
6   compatibility ePID=144509950|Component=Propellers & Accessories    

This example shows the importing of two profiles. The first profile is assoicated with one compatibility while the second is associated with three compatibilities using a variety of formats. Profiles and their compatibility lists follow a hierarchical relationship. What this means is that profile information is entered on one row with compatibilities appearing on subsequent rows beneath. Rows for profiles leave the fields relationship and relationship_details empty while compatibility rows specify the value compatibility in the relationship field and use the relationship_details field for the vehicle information.

Specifying vehicle information

The relationship_details field allows you to define values for Year, Make, Engine Type, Engine (HP), Model, Component, Notes and ePID. Information is entered by using a field and value pair separated by the equals sign, i.e., <field>=<value>. Multiple pairs are seperated by using the pipe character, e.g., Year=2004|Make=Mercruiser|EngineType=Inboard.

The minimum required fields for describing a compatibility is either Year, Make and EngineType or ePID.

  • Year=2004|Make=Mercruiser|EngineType=Inboard
  • ePID=144509950

The year field can be a single year or a date range when using the dash character.

A single year.
All years from 2000 to 2011 inclusive.

The system will match multiple vehicles for the required fields Year, Make and EngineType. Vehicles that do not exist for the specified years will not be included.
E.g. The compatibility Year=2000-2004|Make=Mercruiser|EngineType=Inboard will be expanded into the following compatibility list.

Year Make Engine Type Engine (HP) Model
2000 Mercruiser Inboard 380 hp 8.2L MPI MIE - (Gen VI GM 502CID V8)
2001 Mercruiser Inboard 380 hp 8.2L MPI MIE - (Gen VI GM 502CID V8)
2001 Mercruiser Inboard 375 hp 8.1L HO - (496CID V8)
2002 Mercruiser Inboard 300 hp MX 6.2L MPI HORIZON MIE
2003 Mercruiser Inboard 260 hp 5.7L MPI SKI
2004 Mercruiser Inboard 320 hp 5.7L MPI HORIZON MIE

The import will accept an eBay Product ID (ePID) value which will be matched against a single vehicle. E.g. The compatibility ePID=144509950 will be produce the following compatibility list.

Year Make Engine Type Engine (HP) Model
1995 Yamaha Outboard 150 hp P150TLRT

Master Vehicle List

A complete list of the vehicles supported by eBay can be downloaded from the eBay site here.

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