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Item Specifics update for Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - May 9th 2011

Fashion enthusiasts are excitingly browsing eBay fashion for clothing, shoes and accessories and also creating personalised fashion profiles based on key details such as style, size, brand, condition and type.

So it's no wonder eBay have updated 'Item Specifics' in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, whereby all new item specifics will be required in your listings by 9th May 2011. These extra fields will no doubt increase your visibility on eBay and in turn your sales!

What do I need to do as a seller?
>> Start using these new 'Item Specifics' now, with all your new listings
>> Start updating all your existing listings now, using these new Item Specifics values
     (in particular Good 'Til Cancelled listings)
>> Consider the use of a bulk revision tool to make the update transition easier
>> Check the eBay announcement page for further details: http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/CSA

As a Frooition Customer?

As a Certified eBay Provider we put you first, ensuring our Frooition Software meets these new requirements. You can start adding your NEW listings through Frooition with the extra 'Item Specifics' right away, please see below:

On eBay:

As part of our ongoing mission to help you 'sell more online', we have an array of exciting eBay solutions (On average increasing your sales by 30%!).

Simply visit our website today, www.frooition.com and see how we can help you

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