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Listing Recommendations Explained

What are listing recommendations?

They are a list of eBay generated recommendations that sellers can implement in order to improve the quality of their listings and comply with eBay policies.

Why should I implement the recommendations?

By implementing the recommendations you can improve the quality of your listings and get benefits such as increased exposure in search.

What type of recommendations does eBay provide?

For an individual listing eBay can recommend one or more of the following:

This recommendation is available for US and UK sellers and is returned if eBay have determined that a listing has been miscategorized or placed into a non-optimal category. These items may not be successful as these listings may not get as many hits in searches. If this recommendation is returned eBay will provide a list of one or more category IDs that a seller should list their item in.
Condition Description
eBay may return this recommendation if they believe that a listing will benefit from the addition of a condition description. Condition descriptions clarify the condition of an used item and can help potential buyers make an informed decision about purchasing the item, and may increase the seller's chance of receiving positive feedback from the buyer.
eBay Top-Rated Seller
This may be returned if the listing can be improved to meet the top-rated listing standards. The recommendation will include details of what a seller should do to ensure that the listing qualifies as a top-rated listing, for example offer same day shipping. Benefits of been a top-rated listing can include:
  • A Top-Rated Plus seal on the listing.
  • Improved search results for fixed-price listings.
Item Specifics
eBay will return this if a listing is missing a required or recommended Item Specific. The information returned will be the name of the Item Specific and one or more values that should be specified. A listing that contains Item Specifics can be found more easily by buyers and provides additional information that helps them with potential purchases.
Gallery Picture
This will be returned if a gallery picture does not meet the eBay picture quality requirements.
This recommendation is available for US, UK and DE sellers only and is returned if eBay believe that the item is not optimally priced or in the wrong listing format (fixed-price vs. auction). The information returned can include a recommended price or price range, and whether the item should be listed in a different format.
Available to US, UK, DE and AU sellers, this will determine if an item's title is missing valuable keywords and Item Specifics, or contains keywords that do not describe the item correctly.
Product Code
This recommendation advises the seller that a product code (such as a UPC or ISBN) should be specified to improve the listing.

Does Frooition support listing recommendations?

Frooition clients who use our listing tool will find that listing recommendations are supported. Before listing an item on eBay you will be given the option of getting recommendations from eBay. Using the returned information you can make the necessary changes to the item before continuing with listing it on eBay.

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