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My template design is not displaying correctly

As the template code is held within the code for your item description it is possible to inadvertently change the code when revising your item.

The easiest way to sucessfully make changes to the description of your live listings (or to repair a 'broken' design) is:
  1. From the Frooition software go to stage 2 of the item's template profile and make the changes.
  2. Continue to Stage 3 and select
  3. Highlight the code and copy it.
  4. Go to eBay and revise the item
  5. In the HTML tab of the item description, completely replace the existing code with the code you copied at Stage 3.
  6. Click Continue & review the information
  7. Submit your revision.
Alternatively, you may choose to use Frooition Bulk Revision to remove your design, revise your item in eBay, then re-apply the design once the changes are complete.

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