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Overview of bulk exporting

There may be times when you need to work on your profile information outside of our software. For instance, you may be using a third party listing tool or you wish to edit the information in a spreadsheet. By using the 'Bulk Export' feature you can quickly download your profile information in a format that can be read by your chosen tool.

Profile information is exported via CSV or TSV files. The format of which is explain in futher detail in another article. These files can be read by most third party software that support importing via these types of file.

To begin exporting navigate to the eBay -> Listings page. If you need to export all of your listings simply click the button to begin the export process. If you want to choose which profiles to export you can use the checkbox located to the left of the profile name and then click Actions and choose the Export option.

An export dialog which will present you with several options as shown.

Step 1 of the export process

The options give you control over how the software will generate the export file and are explained below.

Select which information to export.

There is a lot of information available for each profile and you may not require all of it. These fields allow you to control which pieces of information you do or do not want to include in the export file. The final size of the export file is also determine by the amount of information included. The more options selected the larger the size of the file will be.

Export with Frooition template.

By default the software will only export profile descriptions as entered by you. Selecting this option will instruct the software to merge the profile descriptions with the Frooition template. It is important to note that if you plan to reimport the generated file through the software at a later date, that you don't select this option.

Select the delimiter to use in the export.

A delimiter is the character used in the export file to separate the individual fields. You can instruct the software to use either a Tab or Comma. Choose Comma if you are unsure which character to use.

Select the character that will enclose values in the export file.

You can instruct the software as to which character to use to indicate the start and end of a value within a field. You can choose from Double quotes or Single quotes. Choose Double quotes if you are unsure.

Once you have configured the options click the button and the software begin to generate the export file. Feedback of this generation is shown via a progress bar that is updated as each profile is processed. It is important that you do not close your browser or navigate away from the page during the export process as this will prevent the export file from been generated and downloaded.

Step 2 of the export process

Upon the successful generation of the export file your browser will prompt you to download it to your computer in the usual way. Please note that the system will generate an compressed ZIP file. This is to reduce the size of the file and help speed up the downloading.

The software will then return you to the eBay -> Listings page. If there are any errors during the creation of the export file the software display an error message. You will then have the option of trying the export again.

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