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Product picture recommendations for listings

EBay have introduced a new, mandatory, picture standards policy to create a better buying experience as well as increase sales.

Click here to read the details for the policy .

Frooition have created a fantastic addition to the storefront management software, which identifies any images in breach of eBay's policy. Customers who also have image hosing and bulk revision with Frooition can also replace any images in their listings directly from the Frooition software.

Step by step guide:

Login to the Frooition software

Click the eBay Tab:

Expand the "Picture Recommendations For Listings" section:

The software will load all listings that have an image recommendation:

Tick any listings that you wish to revise or to see which images break the policy and why:

Select Revise Pictures from the Actions drop down:

You will see a popup box that includes your image hosting and a list of images from your first selected listing:

As you scroll you will see eBay's recommendations for any images that fail the new policy checks:

To replace an image you will need Active Frooition image hosting and an Active Bulk Revision subscription.

You can add a new image to your Frooition hosting by clicking Upload Pictures:

Or by dragging an image from your computer over the Upload Pictures button:

Once you have uploaded the new image you can drag it from your Image hosting over the "Drag replacement picture to here" panel:

If you wish to cancel an image click the red remove icon:

You can replace one or all of the images in a listing in one action, simply drag more images, and then click the Revise this item button:

You will then receive a status notification saying the revision was successful or it will provide the error message from eBay.

Once you have finished with your listing you can move to the next item by clicking the Next item button:

You can then start the process again.

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