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Understanding the eBay Site Interference Policy

As a seller on eBay it is important that your listings and store conform with all of eBay's seller policies, as failure to adhere to these site rules may result in the following actions; Listing cancellation, limits on account privileges, account suspension, forfeit of ebay fees, and loss of power seller status.

Frooition is a certified eBay provider and wants to keep you safe from policy violation, and keep you selling. All designs provided by Frooition strictly adhere to all of eBay's current selling policies. Frooition recommend sellers read and adhere to the eBay Site Interference Policy

EBay's site interference policy (SIP) protects buyers and sellers and states that sellers and third parties must not interfere with eBay elements and content and design can only be added to areas designated for seller use:

"In no case may a user block, obscure, overwrite, or modify any eBay-generated content or pages"


Designated member areas include:

  • eBay store header
  • Description area of listings
  • Custom pages
  • Custom boxes on the eBay store and listing frame

Due to this policy it is an infringement of the policy to style the standard eBay results pages (categories & search results).

The eBay results page only allows members to add content to the header and custom box areas; due to this Frooition provide a simple header and complementary colors for a more consistent branding experience.

Whilst it is technically possible to fully style all eBay elements within a store it clearly violates the eBay Site Interference policy, which would see the seller having restrictions placed on their account. In order to protect our customers, Frooition do not break the SIP to fully style the results page.

Violations of the SIP may lead to:

  • Listing cancellations
  • Limits to account privileges
  • Account suspension
  • Forfeit of eBay fees for cancelled listings
  • Loss of powerseller / top rated seller status

Frooition design elements:

Why do eBay have the Site Interference Policy?

The SIP protects eBay members from malicious code and provides a more transparent buying experience for sellers.

For the latest information please see: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/everyone-interference.html

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