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Update an email address and adding additional contact details

Each Frooition account has an email address attached to it, any subscription reminders, platform updates or marketing emails from Frooition will be sent to this email address.

You can add a further four emails and two cell / mobile numbers to your contacts lists to receive any or all of these email types.

To update to the main email address, log in to the Frooition software and navigate to Accounts > Profile > Email Addresses & Text Numbers. Under the section 'Change Email' enter your new email address and confirm the change by entering your account password. You may also opt out of any marketing emails for this email address by unchecking the corresponding box. Unselecting this option will mean that you will not receive any promotions or discounts offered by email. Subscription reminders and platform updates will continue to be sent to the email address even if the marketing box is unchecked. Click the 'Change my Main email' button to save any update.

To add additional contact details to your account, within the Frooition software navigate to Accounts > Profile > Email Addresses & Text Numbers. Enter up to four email addresses in the section 'Additional Contact details'. Add the corresponding Contact name, role, and marketing opt-in for each line. Click the 'Update Additional Contact Details' button to save your additions or amendments.

Text alerts can also be sent for the purposes of subscription reminders. Enter your mobile / cell numbers in the corresponding boxes. and Click 'Update Mobile / Cell Numbers' to save your changes. Text numbers will not receive any marketing messages.

To specify which notices go to which address set your notification preferences under Accounts > Profile > Notification Preferences

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