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Using Bulk Revision - Adding and Removing Frooition Template Design

Using Bulk Revision - Adding and Removing Frooition Template Design.

When would I need to do this?
  • If you are new to Frooition and want to quickly add a Frooition Template design to your live listings.
  • If you have updated your template settings, such as promotion boxes or seller info and would like to update your listings.
  • If you have undergone a redesign to your Frooition Template and would like to update eBay listings to show the new design.
  • You are a Froo Template Themes client, who has upgraded to Frooition Pro and would like to update your listings to show the pro template.
  • You wish to import your live eBay listings into the Frooition listing tool.

Add/Replace Templates
  • Choose the listings you would like updated within Bulk Revision and choose "Frooition Template Design" from the ammendment dropdown.
  • Ensure that Add/Replace design is selected.
  • Click "Save as template profiles", if you would like to import the revised listings into your Frooition profile list.
    Any imported profiles will have the prefix *IMPORT. If an existing profile is found with the same name, then the new template will be saved with 001,002 etc added to the name.
  • Click "Continue" followed by "Yes".
  • Each selected listing is now checked to detemine whether it is currently using a Frooition template.
  • If a Frooition template is detected, we will grab the images from the Frooition gallery, otherwise the standard eBay product images will be used.
  • The eBay listing is then revised using the current template and settings from your Frooition account.
  • A result will be shown for each template to let you know if it could be successfully updated.

Remove Templates
  • Choose the listings you would like removed and select "Frooition Template Design" from the ammendment dropdown.
  • Ensure that "Remove design" is selected.
  • Click "Continue" followed by "Yes".
  • Any listings that are found to contain a Frooition template will be revised and a result will be shown if the Frooition design could be successfully removed.


I have removed my Frooition template and reapplied it later, my template gallery now uses eBay product images instead of the product images I originally assigned.
Removing the template permanently removes all template data. In order to keep the original gallery images you must use add/replace option instead of remove.

I have added new promotion boxes to my listing template, can I update my live eBay listings to show these?
Yes, use the "Add/Replace" ammendement option.

I have tried to ammend my live listing templates but some have not been updated.
eBay has strict revision rules which can block a listing from being revised if there have been bids/purchases on the item or if it is too close to the end of the listing.

The listings I have updated are no longer appearing in my eBay store.
When you revise a listing it can take eBay up to 24 hours to re-index the item. The item will still appear as normal if you browse eBay category listings.

Can I use add/remove template to update my seller information tabs.
Yes, but we would recommend that you use the "Update Seller Info" option instead.

I am new to Frooition and would like to import all of my live eBay listings into the Frooition software.
That's fine, use the "Add/Replace" ammendment option and check the "Save as template profiles" option. The imported listings will appear your "Listing Template" section of Frooition software.
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