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Using Frooition Templates with Magento M2E.

Magento M2E does not provide a template tag for image URLs, so to use the Frooition image gallery you have to add a small section of JavaScript to the listing template.

  • Inside the Frooition Software -> go to the "Settings" page within the eBay section.
  • Scroll down to "Include bottom middle custom html". Tick the checkbox and download this code http://faq.frooition.com/assets/magento_gallery.txt and paste it into the text area.
  • Go to the "Listing Template" tab and create a new profile.
  • Choose "Tag based Template" as your listing method and then select Magento (M2E) as the Listing Tool.
  • Enter a name for your profile and click "Start". On the next screen click continue.
  • You will now see a preview of your template, there won't be any images showing at this point, but don't worry these will appear once the template is inside Magento.
  • Click "Get Code" and copy the template code.
  • Within Magento go to the M2E Pro tab then Templates -> Description Templates.
  • Click "Add Template" and then enter the following settings :-
Title: Enter your own template title
Product Attribute Set: Default
Item Title: Products name
Item Subtitle: None
Description Text: Custom Description (click HTML Mode)

  • Paste the template HTML you copied from Frooition into the description box and then click "Save and Continue Edit".
  • You can then preview the template if you wish by clicking Preview and choosing a SKU.
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