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What is a WYSIWYG editor?

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWYG editors are used to generate the HTML code necessary for viewing web page content.

They are particularly useful for people with limted or no knowledge of html code.

You do not need to know the html tags to use, just what you want your content to look like.

As you create your content, the editor creates the code in the background.

For example, if you want your text to appear in different colours, fonts and text sizes, all you need to do is highlight the text that you want to apply the formatting to and select the appropriate option from the tools displayed along the top of the editor.

The html code generated from those few 'simple' enhancements:

<div id="descriptioncontent"><font size="2" face="arial"><ol>
<li><font color="#ff0000">I want this text in red</font></li>
<li><font color="#0000cc">I want this text in blue.</font></li>
<li><font size="5">I want this text larger and in black.</font></li>
<li>I want <em>some</em> of this text to be in <u>italics</u> and some <u>underlined.</u></li>
<li><strike>I want to strike through this text</strike><u><br />
<div id="descriptionbase"></div>

A mistake in the code and you don't get the desired result and if you don't understand the code you are looking at doing it can difficult to troubleshoot where you went wrong.

So WYSIWYG editors make it easier and quicker for non-web designers to get content onto the web, allowing you to concentrate on the end result.

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