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Why are eBay Removing Active content from listings?

Why are eBay Removing Active content from listings?

Shan Vosseller, EBay's Senior Director of product, recently answered this question at the eBay Open Event in Las Vegas.

Shan explained that Active Content removal were due to problems with Active content on mobile as well as trust and safety on eBay.

Shan added that eBay realise how important it is for sellers to brand themselves and merchandise and give listings their own personal flavour. He explained that there is still a lot of really great capabilities with basic HTML and CSS as well as using third party partners such as Frooition, rolling out active content free solutions.

He also said that there are still plenty of opportunities for sellers to express themselves while not using active content and listings will look better on mobile, and be a far more secure marketplace.

Finally, he suggests seller's checkout http://ebay.com/activecontent for additional information and resources.


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