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Why do you provide support via this knowledgebase and a ticket system? Why not via telephone?

There are many reasons why we opt for online support as our preferred delivery method, including:

  • Support issues are recorded making identifying problem trends and training requirements easier
  • Account details and history are presented with the support request which gives accurate information for the member of the support team to deal with the query
  • Information is not misinterpreted by being recorded by non-technical staff
  • Resolution times are kept to a minimum
  • The absence of a member of staff does not mean that an issue has to wait for them to return before it can be progressed.
  • Faults/queries can be logged out of our normal office hours or resolved by using the knowledgebase
  • Many of our clients expect to be able to 'self serve' if they have a query, especially as the nature of their business is online.
  • We may need time to research the solution to a question.
  • Support tickets can be allocated to the correct department to deal with.
  • Not all of the staff who deal with support issues are dedicated support staff (e.g. developers and designers). They are able to manage their time more effectively if not being constantly interrupted with telephone calls and can attend to support issues during specifically allocated times.
  • Sometimes the act of writing a support request will allow users to discover the solution on their own.
  • Callers frequently ask about issues we are not able to help with (e.g. Why have eBay blocked my account, I have forgotten my eBay login details etc.)
  • Poor phone connections can make for very frustrating conversations. Constantly repeating your issue and being misunderstood can escalate a minor issue into a major problem.
There are of course times when it's appropriate to resolve an issue by telephone, for example if you cannot log into the software, as it would be of no help to suggest that you raise a support ticket in a system that you do not have access to.
However, for a vast majority of calls that we receive, the end result of the conversation is a request to raise a support ticket containing the required information.

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