How do I change the text that appears in my Store description?

Your store description text is actually setup within your eBay account.

This is how to edit your description:

Firstly, login to your eBay account, and click 'My eBay'.
Once you have done this, select 'Manage My Shop' from the left hand column, and then click 'Display Settings' which can be found at the top of the left hand column, within the 'Shop Design' category.
My eBay> Manage My Shop> Display Settings.

You will now have the display settings page on screen.

At the top of the page, within the 'Basic Information' section you will see that it displays your current store description.
Click 'Change' which can be found at the end of the blue basic information bar.

You will now have the 'Edit Basic Information' page on screen.
In the centre of this page is the 'Shop description' input box.
You can make any alterations you wish to the store description here.
Please note that there is a 300 character limit.

Once you are happy with the store description simply click 'Save Settings' at the bottom of the page.
If you now take a look at your store you will see that the description has updated!
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