eBay Category Feature Finder

eBay provide many categories that sellers can use with their listings. In efforts to help eBay Sellers everywhere, we have created this fantastic FREE tool with which you can find what features are supported by any eBay category.

(1) » Select your eBay site. (2) » Browse your categories. (3) » Find features supported!

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How to get the most out of this tool
  • Use this tool to prioritise your listing efforts, improving efficiency and maximising listing impact.
  • When launching new products onto eBay, research new product category requirements to allocate resource requirements. I.e. does this category support Multi-variations?
  • Keep ahead of eBay category updates through using this tool and meeting future mandatory field requirements.
With such a great tool, you may ask yourself, why have we produced it and why is it completely FREE?

As the only eBay Certified Design Company in the world, we have a special relationship with eBay, and as part of that relationship we want to help you sell more online, we want to provide you the best support tools possible, and so, this FREE tool will help you do just that! Now, we don't just produce great FREE tools, we also produce brilliant high quality designs which are proven to increase your sales by up to 30% on eBay!

Simply visit us here and take a look at how we can help you 'sell more online' with our other fantastic products.

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