See Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface
The eBay API is the secure method for third parties such as Frooition to communicate with the eBay databases. Frooition can get and post data to your eBay account on your behalf using a secure eBay token.

BIN - Buy it Now
A listing feature that lets a buyer purchase an item immediately for a price the seller has set. Items with this feature will display the icon and the Buy It Now price in their listings. Sellers can use the Buy It Now feature in Online Auction and Fixed Price formats.

Branded Store
A special version of an eBay store that is exclusively offered by eBay for key sellers. The branded store works differently to a standard eBay store and allows for more flexible design as well as a different buying experience for the buyer. If you want to see if you are eligible for the branded store format speak to your eBay account manager.

Bulk Apply Design
Frooition enable customers to bulk apply design to their live listings. This means you can take your Frooition design and wrap it around your existing eBay listing description.

Bulk Revision
A Frooition software add-on that allows sellers to revise live items as well as apply their listing template design to live items in bulk. See http://frooition.com/uk/ebay-bulk-revision.html for more information.

Cascading Style Sheets.
The coding that styles the HTML of a listing. It defines size, color, font and many other features of a design. The beauty of CSS is that once you have defined the style once many elements can use that same style. e.g. <style>.redText{color:redl;}</style> would make any HTML with the redText class have red text.

Category ID
A unique number for each eBay category. You can find the eBay Category ID using the Frooition Category Feature Finder tool: http://faq.frooition.com/ebay_categories.php

Content Delivery Network

Client Ref
Your unique Frooition reference and is used to track your notes from sale to install to support. If you contact Frooition please have your Client Ref available.

Cross Promo
See Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion
Increase sales by promoting related items within an item listing. Frooition offers up to 4 cross promoted items within each item listing. Sellers can choose which items to display in cross promotion areas by visiting My EBay > Manage My Shop > Cross-Promotion Settings

See Cascading Style Sheets.

Custom Box
See Promotion Box

Design Extras
Additional widgets that can be purchased after a design is installed. These may be custom promotion graphics or search functionality and can purchased using Frooition Credits directly inside the Frooition software.

Dialogue box
A box that appears on a display screen to request input or present information

Domain Name
The unique text address of your website. For example the domain name for Frooition is Frooition.com.

Dynamic Categories
A unique Frooition design feature which dynamically displays a seller

European Article Number

eBay ID
See Seller ID

eBay Store Theme
The color scheme for an eBay store without Frooition design or for none designed pages such as search results page.

eBay Store URL
The link to your eBay store. It is made up of the eBay store URL for your location plus your eBay Storename. E.g. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/MY_STORENAME

EBay Token
A secure key that allows Frooition to interact with eBay

eBay Tools Tab
Now known as the eBay Tab

Stands for Electronic Commerce, this is the industry of selling a product or service over the internet. Ecommerce may also mean stand alone web stores

Fading Hero
See Rotating Image

Fitment Information
See Parts Copmpatibility List

Froo Flow
Froo flow is the scrolling 3d gallery that can be added to an eBay store.

Frooition Design Management Software
The Frooition software. This allows you edit your design options as well as list to eBay. Login at http://software.frooition.com.

Frooition Signature
A unique design and software package from Frooition that allows customers more flexibility and control over their eBay design.

Information that has been written directory into the HTML code of a listing or webpage as opposed to been dynamically retrieved every time it is viewed. If the external information is updated the change will not be reflected in the code. For example a hard-coded price may be

Hero Module
A large graphic based box that is positioned prominently at the top of a design.

See See HyperText Markup Language.

HTML Boxes
See Promotion Box

Iframe element
Pulls a separate HTML page into the main HTML page. The two HTML documents do not effect each other. Think of a window to one webpage inside another webpage.

A selection of images that fade or slide between each other like a slideshow.

Import Export
The Frooition software allows you to import eBay listings as profiles from a spreadsheet file. This means you can prepare your data in bulk or export from a different system. You can also export all your data from the Frooition system as a spreadsheet file to import into a different system or create a backup for your Frooition profiles.

International Standard Book Number

Item ID
See Item Number

The individual eBay advert. It contains your description and product photos. Every eBay listing has a 12 digit individual item number.

Listing Template
See Template

Used by third party listing tools to inject product information into your eBay listings when they are launched on eBay. They are linked to fields in your inventory database and are replaced with the contents of the corresponding field during the listing process. For example, {{title}} will be replaced with

Master Vehicle List
The complete list of vehicles that eBay support with Parts Compatibility. It is updated regularly and is free to download for eBay customers.

Manufacturer Part Number

MSO Tags
Proprietary tags added to HTML code by Microsoft office. While they are useful if the code is read by a Microsoft Office application they can cause problems when listing to eBay or a website. We recommend using a different HTML editor rather than Microsoft Office.

See Master Vehicle List

See Hard-coded

Parts Compatibility List
Relates to eBay Motors parts listings. It is the list of vehicles a particular part fits. This is inputted by the seller and increase the parts visibility in search as buyers can search for the vehicle they own. Frooition customers can also bulk apply this compatibility list to their live items using Bulk Revision.

The underlying software framework that your website or eBay store runs on. For an eBay store this runs on the eBay platform. A Bigcommerce store runs on the Bigcommerce platform.

Product Promos
A dynamic promotion box that displays items for sale. If an item sells it will automatically be replaced with another item that fits the seller

AKA: Listing Profile | - Listing Profiles are used to list an item to eBay through the Frooition software. It allows you to create a listing and save it in the Frooition software. Profiles have 7 stages where you add photographs, description, categories, item specifics and launch to eBay.

Promo Box
See Promotion box

Promotion Box
A custom area on the store or listings where customers can enter their own images or HTML to promote a new product or offer

Rotating Banner
See Rotating Image

Rotating Hero
See Rotating Image

Rotating Slides
See Rotating Image

Search Engine Optimisation.
The process of optimising content to appear better in search engines and therefore appear closer to the top of the search results for a specific keyword

Search Results Page
The page buyers go to after searching the eBay store for a product or when clicking a store category.

See HyperText Markup Language.
The standard code system that is used to organise the layout of a webpage or eBay listing. It contains different tags that are interpreted in different ways by the browser. For example a strong tag (<strong>content</ strong >) tells the browser to display the content as bold text.

Seller ID
A unique eBay Seller ID that is shown to all users when you sell or purchase an item or leave feedback. It is also your eBay login username.

Seller Info Tabs
The tabbed information areas at the bottom of a listing. Typically these contain information about the seller, shipping information, payment information and returns. This information is created by the seller in the Frooition software (eBay > Settings). Once the seller info content is written it will be the same for each listing generated from the Frooition software. The tabbed information areas at the bottom of a listing. Typically these contain information about the seller, shipping information, payment information and returns. This information is created by the seller in the Frooition software (eBay > Settings). Once the seller info content is written it will be the same for each listing generated from the Frooition software.

See Search Engine Optimisation.

Shop and Template Subscription
A monthly fee that allows Frooition to serve the store and listings to eBay. It covers the cost of bandwidth, hosting and ongoing maintenance of the Frooition Software.

Signature Storefront
A normal eBay storefront that has a Frooition Signature design applied to it.

See Stock Keeping Unit

Static Boxes
A promotion box that displays static HTML or images.

Stock Keeping Unit
A unique identifier for a particular product. Ideally you should use the manufacturer

Store Subscription
See Shop and Template Subscription.

Your eBay store homepage. During the design process you will receive previews of your design applied to your storefront.

Your unique eBay Store identifier. E.g. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/MY_STORENAME

Strike Through Pricing
See Strike Thru Pricing

Strike Thru Pricing
Available on through markdown manager or listings with an RRP. EBay displays a was and now price with a strike through the was price. E.g. Was $100 Now $50.

Subscription Package
A value pack of all the eBay subscriptions available including:

Support & Maintenance
Frooition offer several levels of support. All active customers get the free level of support. Other packages include priority ticket response and credits for the Design Extras system.

Support Ticket
A help request ticket. Tickets go through to our support team where they are assessed and designated to the relevant departments. Tickets are answered in a fair queue system and all communication is logged to create a case history.

The design Frooition has created for your individual product listings. It is the branding that is wrapped around your product description. You can find your template in the Frooition software > eBay > listings.

Third Party Tools
Tools that are not created by the service owner. For example the Frooition design software is a third party tool as it is not made by eBay, or part of the eBay platform directly.

Transport Layer Security

Uniform Resource Locator.
The full text address of your website that visitors can use to find your site. For example Frooition

Universal Product Code

See Uniform Resource Locator.

A single fixed-price listing that contains multiple variations of the product. For example, a T-shirt listing could vary by color and size. Each variation specifies a combination of one of these colors and sizes. Options in the listing allow buyers to choose which color and size they require.

Variation Details
The aspects of a listing that make it a variation. For example, If a T-shirt had different colors and sizes then the Variation Details would be Color and Size.

Variation Values
The values that a Variation Detail could have. For example, If a T-shirt had different colors and sizes the Variation Values for Size could be Small, Medium and Large.

What You See Is What You Get
A text editor with WYSIWYG capabilities allows you to create HTML content using a visual interface. It removes the need to know or type HTML directly in the document. A live preview of the end result is updated as you make edits to the content.

See What You See Is What You Get