BIN - Buy it Now
A listing feature that lets a buyer purchase an item immediately for a price the seller has set. Items with this feature will display the icon and the Buy It Now price in their listings. Sellers can use the Buy It Now feature in Online Auction and Fixed Price formats.

Branded Store
A special version of an eBay store that is exclusively offered by eBay for key sellers. The branded store works differently to a standard eBay store and allows for more flexible design as well as a different buying experience for the buyer. If you want to see if you are eligible for the branded store format speak to your eBay account manager.

Bulk Apply Design
Frooition enable customers to bulk apply design to their live listings. This means you can take your Frooition design and wrap it around your existing eBay listing description.

Bulk Revision
A Frooition software add-on that allows sellers to revise live items as well as apply their listing template design to live items in bulk. See for more information.