Cascading Style Sheets.
The coding that styles the HTML of a listing. It defines size, color, font and many other features of a design. The beauty of CSS is that once you have defined the style once many elements can use that same style. e.g. <style>.redText{color:redl;}</style> would make any HTML with the redText class have red text.

Category ID
A unique number for each eBay category. You can find the eBay Category ID using the Frooition Category Feature Finder tool:

Content Delivery Network

Client Ref
Your unique Frooition reference and is used to track your notes from sale to install to support. If you contact Frooition please have your Client Ref available.

Cross Promo
See Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion
Increase sales by promoting related items within an item listing. Frooition offers up to 4 cross promoted items within each item listing. Sellers can choose which items to display in cross promotion areas by visiting My EBay > Manage My Shop > Cross-Promotion Settings

See Cascading Style Sheets.

Custom Box
See Promotion Box