Parts Compatibility List
Relates to eBay Motors parts listings. It is the list of vehicles a particular part fits. This is inputted by the seller and increase the parts visibility in search as buyers can search for the vehicle they own. Frooition customers can also bulk apply this compatibility list to their live items using Bulk Revision.

The underlying software framework that your website or eBay store runs on. For an eBay store this runs on the eBay platform. A Bigcommerce store runs on the Bigcommerce platform.

Product Promos
A dynamic promotion box that displays items for sale. If an item sells it will automatically be replaced with another item that fits the seller

AKA: Listing Profile | - Listing Profiles are used to list an item to eBay through the Frooition software. It allows you to create a listing and save it in the Frooition software. Profiles have 7 stages where you add photographs, description, categories, item specifics and launch to eBay.

Promo Box
See Promotion box

Promotion Box
A custom area on the store or listings where customers can enter their own images or HTML to promote a new product or offer