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  1. I use a 3rd party listing Tool. Can I still use Bulk Revision? Yes! Frooition's Bulk Revision tool can be used to make changes to your live listings regardless of what listing method you use.... Read More
  2. Why am I not able to change my description using Bulk Revision Froo Bulk Revision will find and replace plain (unformatted) text but is not designed to edit html content.... Read More
  3. Overview of bulk exporting There may be times when you need to work on your profile information outside of our software. For instance, you may be using a third party listing tool or you wish to edit the information in a spreadsheet. By using the 'Bulk Export' feature... Read More
  4. Overview of bulk importing (Frooition Bulk Import feature) By using the 'Bulk Import' feature you can quickly create new profiles or update existing ones, dramatically cutting down the time to having you looking more professional on eBay! Profile information is imported via CSV or TSV files. ... Read More
  5. How to remove Links from your eBay Listings using Bulk Revision Login to the Frooition software Ensure you have an active Frooition Bulk Revision Subscription Click the eBay Tab > Bulk Revision Select All Active Lis... Read More
  6. Using Bulk Revision - Adding and Removing Frooition Template Design Using Bulk Revision - Adding and Removing Frooition Template Design. When would I need to do this? If you are new to Frooition and want to quickly add a Frooition Template design to your live listings. If you have updated your te... Read More
  7. Bulk Revision 13 - Altering Paypal address in bulk Video Tutorial Showing ... Read More
  8. Bulk Revision 12 - Shipping & Handling Video Tutorial Showing How to alter shipping & handling times in bulk... Read More
  9. Bulk Revision 11 - Quantities Video Tutorial Showing Altering Quantities in Bulk... Read More
  10. Bulk Revision 10 - Prices Video Tutorial Showing How to alter pricing in bulk.... Read More
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