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  1. Creating a storefront promotion box You can easily create promotion boxes to appear on your storefront from within your Frooition account. Storefront promotion boxes are managed from the eBay Tab -> Storefront-> eBay Promotion Boxes. Click Create New Select the type of promo... Read More
  2. How can I make changes to the promotion boxes on my storefront (Star Item & Ending Soonest) The promotion boxes on your storefront - such as Ending Soonest and Star Item - are managed from the eBay Tab -> Storefront-> eBay Promotion Boxes. Select the promotion box you want to change from the drop down menu and Click E... Read More
  3. My promotion boxes do not have any text You will probably find that the text is there but is set to display as the same colour as the background of the Promotion box. Log into the Frootion software. Go to eBay  -> eBay Promotion boxes Select the promotion box yo... Read More
  4. Why don’t my Store Categories and promotion boxes appear on my About Me page? As 'About Me' pages are available to both standard eBay users, and 'Store owners' alike, eBay have disabled store categories and promotional boxes, as obviously standard eBay users would have no purpose for them. ... Read More
  5. How do I control which products appear within the cross promotional items section of my listing template? The More Items promotion box displays items based upon the cross promotion criteria set up within your Frooition account. When 5 or more items are found in the matching category, these will be shown in the More Items section of the template. Howev... Read More
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