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  1. I have a 3rd party design already applied. How can I update my listings with my Frooition design? When you apply your Frooition listing template to your listings, the design is 'wrapped' around your item description. If your item description already has a design applied, it will appear as part of the item description, when your Frooitio... Read More
  2. Guide to using your Frooition design with eBay File Exchange File Exchange does not have the facility to add 3rd party design html (your Frooition template) so you will need to manually combine your Frooition template code with your item descriptions to add to File exchange. One way you can achieve this i... Read More
  3. I get an error of non-compliant image in my listing when trying to apply design. When you apply design to your live eBay listings you are actually making an amendment to your live listings, and with any amendment eBay will check the current content of your listings and the content you are applying to ensure that it meets eBay... Read More
  4. How long will it take for my design extra to be installed? The majority of design extras have a lead time of 2 weeks, however once you have purchased the design extras you will receive emails stating your start date and preview dates so you are always kept in the loop. ... Read More
  5. How can I change the product images or description that appear within my listing design The easiest way to update your listings and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you. You can then use thi... Read More
  6. Using your Frooition Design with InkFrog Configure your Frooition account to use the correct tags To do this navigate to Frooition->eBay Tools->Listing Profiles and create a new profile. At "Stage 1" select Third party option, and choose "InkFrog" from the drop down... Read More
  7. Using Bulk Revision - Adding and Removing Frooition Template Design Using Bulk Revision - Adding and Removing Frooition Template Design. When would I need to do this? If you are new to Frooition and want to quickly add a Frooition Template design to your live listings. If you have updated your te... Read More
  8. My template design is not displaying correctly As the template code is held within the code for your item description it is possible to inadvertently change the code when revising your item. The easiest way to sucessfully make changes to the description of your live listings (or to r... Read More
  9. Bulk Applying Frooition Design To Live Listings Video Tutorial Showing Bulk Applying Frooition Design To Live Listings.... Read More
  10. Frooition Top Seller eBay Design Overview Video overview of Frooition's Top Seller eBay Design.... Read More
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