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  1. Importing product information from eBay You can use the following method to import the listing information from your live eBay listings into Frooition to create profiles. NB the profiles are not linked to the live items. Go to the eBay tab in Frooition Expand the 'Active eBay I... Read More
  2. Creating an item description with template to add to eBay The easiest way to update your listings and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you. You can then use this code to update your live listing (subject ... Read More
  3. Why are eBay Removing Active content from listings? Why are eBay Removing Active content from listings? Below is a video of Shan Vosseller, eBay's senior director of product, explaining eBay's decision to stop the use of active content in listings. With the majority of eBa... Read More
  4. eBay Active Content Removal eBay have announced in Seller Release 16.1 that they are planning to remove active content from listings. Active content includes Flash, plugins and Javascript, it does not stop branded design or the content you currently have within your listings. ... Read More
  5. How to revert back to the standard eBay store layout To change your storefront layout from eBay's new V3 layout to the standard layout: 1. log into your eBay account. 2. Navigate to your storefront. 3. Click Revert to my old Store ... Read More
  6. Can I be notified of an eBay token expiration? The eBay token is the link between your Frooition account and your eBay account, the link is necessary so that dynamic content in your listing design can be delivered to your live eBay listings, without an active token some elements of your design ma... Read More
  7. Is it possible to view more statistics of my eBay activity other than desktop and mobile views? Due to the volume of data required to display these statistics we are currently not offering any further statistics beyond the split of views between desktop and smartphones. ... Read More
  8. How does Frooition know if my eBay listing is loaded on a desktop or a smartphone When one of your product listings is viewed on eBay the design elements contained within your listing is delivered from Frooition's content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN has 52 locations in 5 continents, which means all your content is distrib... Read More
  9. Guide to using your Frooition design with eBay File Exchange File Exchange does not have the facility to add 3rd party design html (your Frooition template) so you will need to manually combine your Frooition template code with your item descriptions to add to File exchange. One way you can achieve this i... Read More
  10. eBay to BigCommerce import The following link contains instructions on importing listing information from eBay to Big Commerce: eBay to Big Commerce Import Guide ... Read More
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