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  1. Importing product information from eBay You can use the following method to import the listing information from your live eBay listings into Frooition to create profiles. NB the profiles are not linked to the live items. Go to the eBay tab in Frooition Expand the 'Active eBay I... Read More
  2. Getting started with Frooition - Seller Information Tabs The seller information tabs appear at the bottom of your listing. The text that you want to appear is set within the Frooition software. Click the eBay Tab Click the Settings sub-tab Click Seller Inf... Read More
  3. What listing information can I import and export? b-->t --> By using the 'Bulk Import' feature you can quickly create new progfiles or update existing ones, dramatically cutting down the time to having you looking more professional on eBay! Existing profile information can also be made ... Read More
  4. How do I add additional boxes and information to my listing template? Within the Frooition software we have built in 4 fully customizable custom areas. You can easily select which of these sections actually display within your listings, and have complete control over what displays within them, whether it plain t... Read More
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