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  1. Creating an item description with template to add to eBay The easiest way to update your listings and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you. You can then use this code to update your live listing (subject ... Read More
  2. Specifying a product Identifier in your listing What product identifiers are supported? The Frooition Listing tool supports the following product identifiers. Brand MPN - Manufacturer Part Number UPC - Universal Product Code EAN - European Article Number ... Read More
  3. Guide to using your Frooition design with eBay File Exchange File Exchange does not have the facility to add 3rd party design html (your Frooition template) so you will need to manually combine your Frooition template code with your item descriptions to add to File exchange. One way you can achieve this i... Read More
  4. Frooition Branded Storefront Getting Started Guide Click the following link to download a copy of the Branded Storefront Getting Started Guide: Download ... Read More
  5. Frooition Signature - Getting Started Guide Click the following link to download a copy of the Frooition Signature Getting Started Guide: Download ... Read More
  6. Frooition - Getting Started Guide Getting Started guide - Click Here ... Read More
  7. Importing Item Specifics Please note that importing item specifcs replaces the existing item specifics for a profile. If you wish to perform an update of existing information you must specify all the item specifics instead of just those that require updating... Read More
  8. I can’t see an item I wish to purchase what can I do? The design extras page features our most popular design extras, if you cannot see an item you require then you can raise a Support Request requesting the design extras. If the design extra is available we will let you know its credit value and if yo... Read More
  9. My ad template is not displaying correctly after launching an item from ChannelAdvisor If you preview your listing templates within the 'Ad Templates' section of ChannelAdvisor, the ChannelAdvisor software will modify the coding resulting in display issues with your Frooition template. To rectify this issue, you should tak... Read More
  10. Show the quantity available of an item as more than 10 If you have more than 10 of the same item to sell, you can choose to show the quantity available as "more than 10", or show the actual number of items available. To select whether to show the exact number of items: Go to My eB... Read More
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