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  1. Why are eBay Removing Active content from listings? Why are eBay Removing Active content from listings? Below is a video of Shan Vosseller, eBay's senior director of product, explaining eBay's decision to stop the use of active content in listings. With the majority of eBa... Read More
  2. I have a 3rd party design already applied. How can I update my listings with my Frooition design? When you apply your Frooition listing template to your listings, the design is 'wrapped' around your item description. If your item description already has a design applied, it will appear as part of the item description, when your Frooitio... Read More
  3. Specifying a product Identifier in your listing What product identifiers are supported? The Frooition Listing tool supports the following product identifiers. Brand MPN - Manufacturer Part Number UPC - Universal Product Code EAN - European Article Number ... Read More
  4. Import file format for listing assignment This article details the file format that is used for assigning configuration sets to live eBay listings. Listing assignments are imported and exported via CSV or TSV files. The format of which is explained in detail further on in this article... Read More
  5. How does Frooition know if my eBay listing is loaded on a desktop or a smartphone When one of your product listings is viewed on eBay the design elements contained within your listing is delivered from Frooition's content delivery network (CDN). Our CDN has 52 locations in 5 continents, which means all your content is distrib... Read More
  6. I have changed the gallery image for my listing but the template image has not updated The product images that appear in the Frooition portion of your listing are hard coded into your design at the time the template is applied. Changing your eBay gallery images will not alter the images within your listing and so the imag... Read More
  7. Listing Recommendations Explained What are listing recommendations? They are a list of eBay generated recommendations that sellers can implement in order to improve the quality of their listings and comply with eBay policies. Why should I implement the recommendations? ... Read More
  8. How can I update my listings without affecting the template The easiest way to update your listings and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you. You can then use this code to update your live listing (su... Read More
  9. Product picture recommendations for listings EBay have introduced a new, mandatory, picture standards policy to create a better buying experience as well as increase sales. Click here to read the details for the policy . Frooition have created a fantastic addition to the storefront mana... Read More
  10. I get an error of non-compliant image in my listing when trying to apply design. When you apply design to your live eBay listings you are actually making an amendment to your live listings, and with any amendment eBay will check the current content of your listings and the content you are applying to ensure that it meets eBay... Read More
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