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  1. Importing product information from eBay You can use the following method to import the listing information from your live eBay listings into Frooition to create profiles. NB the profiles are not linked to the live items. Go to the eBay tab in Frooition Expand the 'Active eBay I... Read More
  2. Specifying a product Identifier in your listing What product identifiers are supported? The Frooition Listing tool supports the following product identifiers. Brand MPN - Manufacturer Part Number UPC - Universal Product Code EAN - European Article Number ... Read More
  3. Import file format for product options This article details the file format that is used for importing your product options into the Frooition Configurator. Product options are imported and exported via CSV or TSV files. The format of which is explained in detail further on in this... Read More
  4. Product picture recommendations for listings EBay have introduced a new, mandatory, picture standards policy to create a better buying experience as well as increase sales. Click here to read the details for the policy . Frooition have created a fantastic addition to the storefront mana... Read More
  5. How can I change the product images or description that appear within my listing design The easiest way to update your listings and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you. You can then use thi... Read More
  6. How do I search for my Product photos? Click Images Enter your search term in the search box Your results will be prefilled below the search box Click the Relevant entry Click Go You will see your results. View a quick video: ... Read More
  7. How do I add watermarks to my product Photos? Click Images Click Settings Click Yes to Include watermark on new uploads? Type your watermark text Select your watermark position Click Save IMPORTANT! Image watermarks will only be added to new images uploaded after you have changed... Read More
  8. How do I upload product images into the Frooition image hosting? Click the Images Tab You can now Drag multiple images from your computer into the Image upload area When you drag images over the window a drop zone will appear Release the images and they will be uploaded Or you can click the Upload Pictures bu... Read More
  9. Importing BigCommerce products into Frooition Video Tutorial Showing how to import bigcommerce inventory into frooition! Read more about our BigCommerce design service here. ... Read More
  10. Importing Magento Go products into Frooition Video Tutorial Showing importing Magento Go inventory into Frooition... Read More
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