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  1. How can I find profiles that failed to list on eBay? If a profile fails to list on eBay you will often have to edit the profile in order to resolve the issue. The Frooition software allows you to view the error messages returned from eBay so that you can quickly make the necessary changes and get listi... Read More
  2. How can I list multiple profiles to eBay at once? The 'List on eBay' feature allows you to quickly list multiple profiles at once, dramatically cutting down the time to having you looking more profession on eBay! Overview Firstly, navigate to the Edit a Profile page by clicking the menu it... Read More
  3. Video - Listing to eBay - Stage 1 - Creating a profile Video Tutorial Showing Stage 1 creating a new profile... Read More
  4. My listing profile changes have not been saved Changes to listing profile has not been saved.When making an amendment or creating a listing, you must click at the end of each stage in order to save the screen. Navigating away from the page using t... Read More
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