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  1. Updating Storefront promo Boxes (non-flash) From your Frooition account navigate to eBay > Storefront >eBay Promotion Boxes Click 'Edit/Preview' next to the box you wish to update You are the presented with the settings page for the box. ... Read More
  2. How to remove the play symbol from my store’s promo boxes If you are using Google's Chrome browser you may have noticed that your store's promotion boxes have been replaced with a play symbol. This is Chrome's "click-to-play" feature and means that certain plug-ins within the browser will ... Read More
  3. Creating a storefront promotion box You can easily create promotion boxes to appear on your storefront from within your Frooition account. Storefront promotion boxes are managed from the eBay Tab -> Storefront-> eBay Promotion Boxes. Click Create New Select the type of promo... Read More
  4. How do I change what appears in the More Items box on my listings The More Items promotion box displays items based upon the cross promotion criteria set up within your Frooition account To change these settings go to eBay tab > Cross Promotions The default setting is to promote items from the ... Read More
  5. Frooition Custom Boxes Video Tutorial Showing how to use Frooition Custom Boxes... Read More
  6. How can I make changes to the promotion boxes on my storefront (Star Item & Ending Soonest) The promotion boxes on your storefront - such as Ending Soonest and Star Item - are managed from the eBay Tab -> Storefront-> eBay Promotion Boxes. Select the promotion box you want to change from the drop down menu and Click E... Read More
  7. My promotion boxes do not have any text You will probably find that the text is there but is set to display as the same colour as the background of the Promotion box. Log into the Frootion software. Go to eBay  -> eBay Promotion boxes Select the promotion box yo... Read More
  8. BIN icon shows in promo boxes for auction items Log into the Frooition Software Click eBay  -> eBay Promotion Boxes Select the promotion box that you want to change from the Edit a previously created box drop down menu Click Edit Promo Box Select No under Show Buy... Read More
  9. Why don’t my Store Categories and promotion boxes appear on my About Me page? As 'About Me' pages are available to both standard eBay users, and 'Store owners' alike, eBay have disabled store categories and promotional boxes, as obviously standard eBay users would have no purpose for them. ... Read More
  10. How do I add additional boxes and information to my listing template? Within the Frooition software we have built in 4 fully customizable custom areas. You can easily select which of these sections actually display within your listings, and have complete control over what displays within them, whether it plain t... Read More
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