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  1. Help Centre link for Shopify This link at the bottom of this article will direct you to the Shopify Help Centre. Here you can find answers to all the questions or issues you may be having while using the system. Click here for Shopify Help Centre ... Read More
  2. Creating an item description with template to add to eBay The easiest way to update your listings and ensure that your template code is not affected is to use a template profile from within your Frooition Account to generate new code for you. You can then use this code to update your live listing (subject ... Read More
  3. How to access your Launch custom template - Frooition:Launch package The following link contains instructions on how to access your Launch custom template Accessing your Launch Custom template Please note that these instructions are intended for Frooition:Launch customers http://... Read More
  4. TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer To maintain the highest security standards and promote the safety of your data, Frooition has proactively updated its systems to no longer support TLS 1.0 as of December 7th, 2015. If you are using Internet Explorer to access Frooition,... Read More
  5. How to revert back to the standard eBay store layout To change your storefront layout from eBay's new V3 layout to the standard layout: 1. log into your eBay account. 2. Navigate to your storefront. 3. Click Revert to my old Store ... Read More
  6. Is it possible to view more statistics of my eBay activity other than desktop and mobile views? Due to the volume of data required to display these statistics we are currently not offering any further statistics beyond the split of views between desktop and smartphones. ... Read More
  7. I have changed the gallery image for my listing but the template image has not updated The product images that appear in the Frooition portion of your listing are hard coded into your design at the time the template is applied. Changing your eBay gallery images will not alter the images within your listing and so the imag... Read More
  8. Adding Frooition Template code to ChannelAdvisor Adding Frooition template code to CA Login to Frooition eBay > Listings > Create New Select Tag Based Template Select your eBay Listing Site Give your profile a meaningful title Click Continue On stage 2 click Continue a... Read More
  9. Frooition Branded Storefront Getting Started Guide Click the following link to download a copy of the Branded Storefront Getting Started Guide: Download ... Read More
  10. How can I list directly from eBay using my Frooition Template As eBay does not have a facility to insert 3rd party template code, your item description and listing template need to be combined, prior to adding the code to eBay during the listing process. The easiest way to do this and ensure that your templa... Read More
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