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  1. Responding to a support ticket All responses to support tickets should be done via the ticket system Responding to the email notification will not update your ticket and the information will not reach the support team. To respond to a ticket Log into your Frooition ... Read More
  2. How to raise a support ticket Log into your Frooition account Click on the help tab Click on the Support Requests tab Click Contact Us Complete the ticket form with as much detail as possible: ... Read More
  3. How do I contact support? Login to the Frooition software Click the Help tab Click the Support Request tab Click the Contact Us Button Your details will be pre-filled but you may update them if they need to be different (for example if you wish the respons... Read More
  4. Do you offer free support? Yes, we offer a great free level of support via an integrated support request system with a response time of 1-3 working days as well as access to a wealth of free videos, step by step guides, tutorials, knowledge base articles and helpful marketing ... Read More
  5. Do the support packages give me telephone support? No, all support needs to go through our integrated support request system; this is so we can keep a fair queuing system and prioritise the customers who pay for premium support. The integrated support request system also provides us with vital ac... Read More
  6. Why do you provide support via this knowledgebase and a ticket system? Why not via telephone? There are many reasons why we opt for online support as our preferred delivery method, including: Support issues are recorded making identifying problem trends and training requirements easier ... Read More
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