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  1. I have a 3rd party design already applied. How can I update my listings with my Frooition design? When you apply your Frooition listing template to your listings, the design is 'wrapped' around your item description. If your item description already has a design applied, it will appear as part of the item description, when your Frooitio... Read More
  2. I use a 3rd party listing Tool. Can I still use Bulk Revision? Yes! Frooition's Bulk Revision tool can be used to make changes to your live listings regardless of what listing method you use.... Read More
  3. Setting up your Frooition template to work with 3rd party listing tools The Frooition software also allows you to integrate your design with 3rd Party ebay solutions such as ChannelAdvisor, InkFrog, Auctiva and many more. These systems use template tags such as {{TITLE}}. This tag is then replaced by the software for eac... Read More
  4. eBay Tools Settings Video Tutorial Showing how to alter your eBay Tools Settings... Read More
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